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A simple and intuitive audio recorder


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Easy Voice Recorder is a simple audio recorder that lets you record any sound on your Android device.

Easy Voice Recorder allows you to record PCM and AAC formats in high quality, or AMR format (lower quality) to save space. You can run the app in the background and use the app's controls from a widget on your home screen.

The Easy Voice Recorder interface is simple but very effective. In the first tab, you'll have the record button (shaped like a giant microphone), which you can press to start or stop recording. In the second tab, you can see the list of all the recordings you have on your device.

Among the most interesting features of Easy Voice Recorder is the ability to use a Bluetooth microphone.

Easy Voice Recorder is a recording tool as easy as it is useful. It offers exactly what any good voice recorder should: the ability to quickly record audio at any time.
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